Our office provides both in-office and take home teeth whitening options to make your smile even brighter.

Leave our office with your smile 2-5x whiter with our in-office teeth whitening.

Opalescence BOOST Teeth Whitening

Dr. Clark is a proud partner of Opalescence BOOST Teeth Whitening to provide our in-office teeth whitening service. If you’ve ever wished for a brighter, whiter smile, you can get it now with Opalescence whitening treatments. As the industry leader for more than 20 years, Opalescence whitening has successfully taken thousands of smiles from dull to dazzling.

What is Opalescence Boost in-office whitening?

Opalescence Boost in-office whitening is a professional whitening treatment performed in the dental office. It is powerful and award-winning, and has prove effective at creating beautiful, long-lasting results after just one quick visit to your dentist.

How does Opalescence Boost in-office whitening work?

First, your dentist will place a protective barrier on your gums. Then your dentist will place a thin layer of the whitening gel on the surface of your teeth for 20 minutes. The gel will then be removed and reapplied for a final 20 minutes.

How long does it take to whiten my smile with Opalescence Boost in-office whitening?

This whitening treatment is so powerful and effective, it can usually whiten your smile in about 40 minutes. Yep, it’s that fast!

How is Opalescence Boost in-office whitening different from other in-office whitening treatments?

Some in-office whitening procedures rely on lights or lasers to “activate” the chemical whitening agent. However, Opalescence Boost in-office whitening relies solely on chemical activation. Recent studies have confirmed that the whitening agent is effective without any lights or lasers AND that the light of other whitening treatments can cause harm to your enamel.

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